Three steps to the desired solution

Besides having a good product, successful business operations are above all dependent on the availability of sufficient working capital, and the avoidance of the risk of non-payment.

Xolv offers a wide selection of tailored solutions with which we take away the worries of businesses to the maximum possible extent. These solutions remove financial risks and at the same time increase the amount of working capital available.

The approach to this involves 3 clear steps.




• Existing situation
• What risks there are
• Analysis

• Explanation and information
• Advice
• Price/quality comparison
• Whether or not to insure

• Negotiation
• Monitoring
• Policy management

In each phase we work with you to determine the steps you wish to take next, such as selecting the right company, and setting the conditions. Afterwards we ensure the smooth implementation of the chosen solution and an optimal service.

With Xolv you are opting for both the expertise of a dedicated adviser and the simplicity of a full service provider.

You can also come to us for a second opinion on an existing insurance or financing structure.

Clear agreements
Xolv believes in making clear agreements with its clients. In terms of our fees, in accordance with the tight legal and regulatory requirements we offer complete transparency concerning what you pay for our services and for the products selected.