Good debtor management, a structurally lower level of debtors, and credit management software go hand-in-hand. In this way you maintain cash flow and your invoices are paid on time. Specific software packages offer a computerised solution for the many standard tasks within debtor management.


Why credit management software? 

  • Automatic monitoring of outstanding invoices and actions
  • Segmentation of your debtors
  • Additional actions based on customer characteristics and payment behaviour
  • Batch processing of letters and sending via email
  • Recording actions and notes on debtors and invoices
  • Recording payment arrangements, monitoring and (automatically) following up 


Credit management software can easily be installed as a stand-alone package alongside your current financial package. The basic information from your financial package can be imported each day into your credit management software, from which various users can see the outstanding actions that are required for your customers, in order to manage the level of your debtors optimally.