Increased return on your working capital!

Good debtor management, a structurally lower level of debtors and credit management software go hand-in-hand. This enables you to maintain cash flow and your invoices are paid on time.

How does debtor management work via XOLV

Agreeing a payment or a promise of payment based on contact by telephone. This effective method of debtor management has the following benefits:

  • Recording this information in your system
  • Being in touch with the right person
  • Direct result
  • Promise of payment
  • Exchange of information
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Periodic reporting of debtor management

Plan of approach

  • Analyse the debtor portfolio
  • Identify your wishes and requirements for how your customers are dealt with
  • Structuring the debtor management process
  • Implementing the agreed structure
  • Carrying out the agreed debtor management process
  • Periodic reporting and discussion of the debtor portfolio
  • Periodic evaluation