Xolv, the shortest way
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Who we are

Xolv was founded in 2009 and was shaped by the enthusiasm and drive of four gentlemen who have been in the business of credit insurance, financing, and credit management for over 25 years. From our years of experience, we have built a company where personal attention and customization for the customer stands central and is distinctive in the market in terms of service. A partner that offers a total solution for all your financial matters. With a focus on medium-sized and international companies, we serve more than 700 clients, for whom we insure more than 20 billion euros in turnover. In February 2021, the Ecclesia Group took a majority stake in Xolv, making us the market leader broker for credit insurance in the Netherlands! With this step, we can further optimize the service to our clients and further expand our international network. We are very proud of this!

Why Xolv?

We think in terms of solutions. Solutions that allow you to do business without worries because your financial risks decrease and your available working capital increases. We are experienced specialists with broad and in-depth knowledge and with excellent contacts. We think ahead and anticipate the possibilities. We either have a solution, or we will come up with one! We only go for the very best advice. Moreover, we offer the best service at all times, even with your daily requests. We understand that you need to move quickly to satisfy your customers; hence we are always at your disposal.

International network

We are a shareholder in Keystone Trade Credit, an international network based in Paris. From there, we support international relations. You can therefore also come to us for your international branches and debtors!

In short, carefree business starts with Xolv:

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Meet our team

Paul van Uden

Fred Colin

Erik Bolsius

Jeroen Ottevanger

Menanynke Hulshof-Schippers

Esther van der Schoot-Munster

Coen Blazer

Reinier Wolf

Marute Thuis

Fred Soers

Jelle van den Bogerd

Rajko Oppier

Wouter zur Kleinsmiede

Winnie Joosten

Renate van Son-Boere

Demi Kerkhof