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Dieter Filippo

Managing Director

'We are steadily making better use of Xolv's expertise.'

Family business Omtzigt Bouwmaterialen has been a household name for 150 years as a building materials supplier. Dieter Filippo is the managing director, and he has worked with Xolv for credit information, credit insurance, and factoring for many years. Recently the company asked Xolv to assist in the transfer to another bank.

Dieter: “Our company no longer fitted the customer profile of our previous bank. We have been doing business with Xolv for a long time; they know our business when it comes to business information and credit insurance. So it was logical to involve Xolv in choosing a new bank. After all, they speak the language of the banks.”

From construction companies to independent contractors
From its head office in Rijnsburg and a branch office in Nieuwegein which also functions as a logistics hub, Omtzigt supplies a wide range of customers, from large contractors and construction companies to independent contractors. These include finishing companies, plasterers, flooring contractors, metal stud builders, and facade and concrete repair companies.

Increased risks
When asked whether the high prices of construction materials and the faltering supply lines are creating additional credit risks, Dieter replied affirmatively. “Since the Covid-19 crisis, credit risks have increased. The threats are certainly real. Such as the continuous price increases of building materials that our customers may or may not be able to charge back. The supply problems and longer delivery times imply that you have to wait longer to get your money. So you understand that it’s all the more important to work with Xolv to keep our credit insurance in good shape.”

Assessing the creditworthiness of large contractors and individual contractors differs from each other. Dieter: “We can assess independent contractors with our ‘self-assessment limit’ based on a company profile. In addition, we usually already know the independent contractor well, so that helps. We can occasionally use a Top-Up credit with more prominent customers if their limit is insufficient for what they purchase.”

‘Independent contractors also come to us for expert advice’

At Omtzigt Bouwmaterialen, service orientation and a personal approach are not just empty marketing slogans. Dieter: “We sympathize with our customers. We connect people. And we don’t just supply goods but also advice. Look at the independent contractor. After working for a contractor for several years, they have often started their own business. Working for that large contractor, they were primarily good at one thing, for example, tiling, while as an independent contractor, they have to be all-rounders. They often lack the knowledge and experience to handle this, so we help them with our expertise and advice. That’s an important added value.”

Neutral position
Over the years, Omtzigt Bouwmaterialen has started to make more and more use of Xolv’s expertise. “The moment a customer wants to buy more than the limit allows, or when a credit insurer gives too low a limit to our opinion, Xolv comes into action. They find out the reason and contact our client directly so that we remain neutral in this regard. Much better and more pleasant than if we were to go and ask our customers for business information ourselves,” says Dieter.