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Rick Simons


'Xolv has the right connections, that makes the difference'

Rick Simons is the CEO of Staff Capital. Under this umbrella company, various brands work together, including Payroll Select. With this name, Rick started in 2002 as one of the first payroll companies in the Netherlands. His company now offers a total package of innovative HR-tech solutions and is a major, leading player in the flex industry. For credit insurance, Rick has relied on the expertise of Xolv for about ten years.

Rick: “Our clients are SMBs, large corporations, staffing agencies, and other employment intermediaries. We are active in all sectors, and to serve them as effectively as possible, we work in the corporate Staff Capital with various brands, including Payroll Select, Easyworx, Easyjobs, Flexplein, and RPO Staffing. All with different expertise and specialties, but with one common goal: to let entrepreneurs grow by organizing everything related to HR as efficiently as possible.”

Outsourcing HR tasks
Payrolling has taken off because it offers employers many advantages. Rick: “All concerns and work associated with recruitment and selection of employees plus the entire payroll administration can be outsourced to Staff Capital. This allows entrepreneurs and organizations to focus on their core business. At the same time, they can count on their employees to be paid on time, sick leave notifications to be handled, and taxes and premiums to be paid according to the latest laws and regulations.”

Staff Capital has over 1,000 clients in the most diverse business sectors, with a total of 20,000 employees at work. Rick: “With such a wide variety of clients, especially in SMBs, your risk management must be on point. That means you have to be able to switch quickly when necessary. What I like about Xolv is that the communication lines are short. I can always call, app, or email my regular advisor and sparring partner. Over the years, we’ve developed a personal bond, which is very pleasant.”

‘They respond quickly and are absolutely proactive’

In addition to Xolv’s high level of commitment, Rick highlights another key point. “Not only do they have the specialist knowledge in-house, but they also have all the right contacts inside the network of credit insurers. Xolv helps us to get a good picture of the creditworthiness of our customers so that we can adequately protect our business. In addition to current affairs, I also regularly ask Xolv for advice because they now know our business and industry inside out. They often advise us proactively. They are very good at that, which is a precious added value for us,” says Rick.

Henry Veugelink

Managing director De Bouwmeesters Temporary Employment Agency

Xolv takes care of everything, so we can do what we do best'.

De Bouwmeesters is a nationally operating temporary employment agency for the construction industry. They connect both employed and self-employed professionals to construction companies, who are thus assured of professionals on the construction site. At the same time, the construction worker is assured of well-paid and honest work. The Bouwmeesters takes care of the administration, payments, collective bargaining, and pension plans, plus the correct certifications. With the takeover of TMB Bouwservice B.V. in March 2021, the company is making another giant leap forward.

Acquisition TMB
The Bouwmeesters temporary employment group has been in existence since 2012. Director/Owner Henry Veugelink: “After the acquisition of TMB, we have over 160 construction workers in our file for whom we mediate. As everyone knows, there is a huge shortage of construction workers, while the demand for good professionals is steadily growing. At lunchtime, I usually call out across the office: close the doors and windows, or we’ll be trampled,” adds Henry jokingly.

Financing growth
For working capital financing, Henry has been dealing with Xolv since August 2019: “We were able to finance the acquisition of TMB from our own resources, so we didn’t need any financing. But after the acquisition, our turnover grew considerably and thus did the need for financing. Until that time, we always approached our bank, but they apply strict conditions and are not very flexible like all banks. So, it was time for a specialized broker. Around that same time, a mailing from Xolv arrived on our mat. Their story really appealed to us, and that’s how the ball started rolling.”

Independent consultants
Henry: “Xolv’s financial advisors are entrepreneurs just like us, so they think and act from the interests of their clients. As independent advisors, they think in terms of solutions, not in terms of selling products. The latter is too often the case with banks and insurers.” Xolv advises De Bouwmeesters not only in the area of working capital financing but also in taking out credit insurance. “After all, such credit insurance is a requirement by factoring companies and other lenders. You pay an interest rate of 6% annually, but that ensures you will have 80% of the outstanding claim in your account within one or two days. When you withdraw the amount, you still pay a bit of interest. That all is perfectly manageable, especially considering the financial risks you’re buying off.”

‘Occasionally, I call Xolv just to catch up’

Personal click
At the beginning of the collaboration, Henry had intensive contact with Xolv, particularly with Fred Soers. Henry: “The accessibility and personal contact are very pleasant. Fred and his colleagues react quickly and flexibly and really work alongside you. They are also very accessible: you can just call them on their cell’s even in the evening if you have a pressing question. You will never get that from a bank. Now that all the contracts have been arranged and are all up and running smoothly, our contact moments are a little less frequent. But as soon as anything happens or you have any questions, Xolv responds immediately and quickly comes up with a solution. I Sometimes just call them to catch up. You only do that if there is a real connection.”