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Gijsbert Burggraaf

CFO DHL Parcel

'Xolv educated us a bit on the subject.'

DHL Parcel is a business unit of the Deutsche Post DHL Group. Their network transports packages and pallets overnight to companies and consumers. Xolv is their broker for credit insurance and also provides them with reliable and up-to-date business information.

Gijsbert Burggraaf, CFO of DHL Parcel, says: “DHL Parcel was born from the former Van Gend & Loos and Selektvracht. We deliver packages and pallets across the Benelux to companies and consumers. In the Netherlands, DHL Parcel is the second largest player after PostNL. Together we hold around 90% of the market, and in the consumer market, our market share is 35%, and in the B-to-B market, we are the largest.”

E-commerce exploded
“Xolv recommended going into business with Coface because, unlike companies that merely provide business information, Coface also insures credit risks. Hence, they also benefit from a correct analysis of the creditworthiness,” states Gijsbert. The customer base of DHL Parcel is broad. From large e-commerce companies like Amazon, Hema, Wehkamp, Bol.com, and Chinese parties to small web-shops. In relation to Covid-19, DHL Parcel is therefore in the right market. Gijsbert: “Since the first lockdown at the beginning of 2020, online shopping has exploded, and all those packages need to be delivered. This has accelerated our growth considerably. The consumer market even grew by more than 100%. A growth that for the better part will last, because people over 50 have now also become accustomed to the convenience of online shopping.”

Expansion and Greening
The volume growth brought about by the lockdowns enabled DHL Parcel to accelerate its investments. Gijsbert: “You more and more see the yellow DHL cars on the road, and very often, these are electric cars. DHL Parcel has an intricate network of 25 central and regional hubs and 140 local hubs. Over the past three years, we have added three major sorting hubs, including the largest and greenest in the Benelux, and we are currently building 26 new CityHubs. We have also invested in further digitalization, including a new app that communicates more efficiently with consumers. With this, webshops can offer their customers a more enjoyable customer journey.”

‘They are critical and challenging towards the insurer.’

Critical negotiator
Gijsbert generously admits that DHL Parcel itself does not have all the expertise in the field of credit insurance. “Therefore, a knowledgeable broker is not an excessive luxury. An broker like Xolv knows that sector like no other. They speak the language of the credit insurers. They know exactly what to be careful of and how to negotiate with them and firmly, if necessary. That’s why Xolv can deliver customized solutions with better conditions and more competitive rates.”

An instant connection
“In our search for a broker, we looked at various parties, and it clicked immediately with Xolv. They think like us and brainstorm with us but also act as a sparring partner. They take us along in the process towards possible solutions, and in this way, they have educated us a bit. We now also look more critically at our customer portfolio and the possible risks,” according to Gijsbert.