Manage your credit insurance policy easily with software

Published on 03/06/2024

You prefer to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Always a good overview of your customers, your limits, your coverage and your claims. But how do you easily ensure that you are always up-to-date about the creditworthiness and payment behavior of your customers? 

Because if you have to do all this manually, it is quite a challenge. Collecting data, processing and analyzing data, drawing up and sending reports, checking and requesting limits, reporting and handling damage... and we could go on for a while.  

Regardless of the amount of work, you run the risk of making mistakes, missing information or information being outdated. And that can lead to wrong decisions, unnecessary risks or missed opportunities. In short: you are not taking full advantage of the benefits of your credit insurance. Shame! 

The solution: software to manage your credit insurance policy

Managing your credit insurance policy can be a challenge, which is why we offer the PolicyManager in collaboration with Creditdevice. This is a cloud-based solution for managing credit insurance from Atradius, Coface and Allianz Trade. With Policy Manager you have a direct link with your credit insurer's database, you have a complete and real-time overview of your coverage for your customers and you can see at a glance which customers you are at risk for and how great that risk is. The software provides a detailed insight into the credit insurance capacity, prepares the turnover declaration and gives you an alert when you need to submit a collection or claim, so that you do this within the set period. This means that your administration is immediately in order and you are always assured of sufficient coverage.

Easy and time-saving

Policy Manager saves you a lot of time and effort by reducing or eliminating administrative tasks. You can also easily request, change, cancel or report limits. Policy Manager also proactively informs you of standard risks and changes that affect your risks or opportunities. Wondering whether the PolicyManager is suitable for your situation? Please contact us for advice without obligation. We are happy to help you find the best solution for your policy management.

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