Optimal return from your credit insurance


PolicyManager enables you to get an optimal return from your credit insurance. Managing your policy manually daily requires a lot of attention. PolicyManager offers the solution: an automated workflow, automatic memory, and control of credit limits. PolicyManager helps to easily improve customer coverage, which is good for commerce while keeping costs down.

A credit insurance policy has basic rules and conditions. This is, of course, for a reason. It forms the framework within which the coverage is arranged. We often notice in our day-to-day business that people who work with credit insurance are not always fully aware of these conditions or do not follow the rules correctly. This brings new opportunities to get a better return from the policy. Increasing your employees’ knowledge by attending the webinar “How to get the most out of your credit insurance” is undoubtedly helpful. But it remains manual work. PolicyManager helps you to take timely action so that you do not run any risks.

What does PolicyManager look like in practice?

In short, you save time. You never have to search for what needs to be done now. You have up-to-date information regarding the coverage of your debtor. This data is updated daily (sometimes several times). Every decision is immediately visible. You can create clear overviews in no time at all. PolicyManager can be linked to virtually any financial accounting system. It is also possible to generate various exportable files.

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All the benefits of PolicyManager at a glance

The added value of Xolv

We know the policy like the back of our hand and help you set up PolicyManager. We negotiate the best conditions for you and support you during implementation and throughout the duration of the policy.

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