workshops & webinars credit insurance

The credit insurance policy has several rules that must be followed. The hectic daily schedules can lead to these not always being clear in your mind. This is a matter of concern because you naturally want to run as little risk as possible and thus obtain the best possible return on your policy. We are happy to help you with that.



At the moment we are offering the following workshops & webinars:

Webinar ‘Hoe u optimaal rendement uit uw kredietverzekering haalt’

In dit webinar van maximaal 1,5 uur (inclusief Q&A en afsluiting) vertellen wij u hoe u meer rendement uit uw kredietverzekeringspolis kunt halen. Per grote verzekeraar organiseren wij een apart webinar. We testen uw kennis en we besteden aandacht aan ‘tips & tricks’.

Do you have questions regarding the workshops & webinars that are scheduled, or would you like to contact us for any other reasons?

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