‘What a coincidence, the amount has just been transferred’

Hardly anything is as frustrating as a client that does not pay. The better the follow-up of your invoices, the quicker the payment thereof will be. You should not wait too long to collect your claim, especially if your client fails to make a commitment. Furthermore, it is important to acquire as much information on the client concerned if they fail to make the required payment.

Xolv can help you with this by following up on the non-paying client. We also advise you on the actions to take and we commission a collection agency or a lawyer to collect the claim on your behalf. Central to the implementation of this process is maintaining your relationship with the client.

Why choose collection through Xolv?

It is of great importance that the right collection agency is selected to collect your claim. Xolv has an extensive network of collection partners and we can advise on which party would be the most appropriate for your specific situation. This depends on:

  • amount of claim
  • the sector in which your client is active
  • your client’s country of domicile

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