Credit Information

Credit Information

What is the credit rating of your business relations?

Researching the credit rating of a new client swiftly and in advance can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Xolv gives you advice on the assessment of debtor risks for existing as well as new debtors. By means of a credit information report you will have access to the financial health of your client, their balance sheet, as well as their payment behaviour. Proper credit information decreases the chance of non-payment, but it is not a payment guarantee.

Why opt for credit information?

  • A report drafted by a specialised credit information agency contains information from various sources and provides greater insight that merely the annual figures registered with the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Credit analysts monitor and assess the financial data of the companies in their database.
  • Apart from financial data the payment evolutionof your clients is also included, which gives a good insight into the payment behaviour of your client.

What you when you purchase credit information:

  • General company details of your clients
  • Turnover and liquidity development
  • General credit advice (you can copy this for the purpose of self-assessment if you have credit insurance)
  • Payment behaviour
  • Credit rating (useful for segmentation of your clients)
  • Development of the credit rating

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