Credit insurance

Credit insurance

Credit insurance: worry-free entrepreneurship by eliminating the risks

As an entrepreneur you prefer to run your business risk-free. But how can you deal with clients that do not adhere to the payment agreements or fail to pay at all? How do you know if a prospective client is solvent? And what about risks like manufacturing- and contract risks, currency inconvertibility issues, and cases of political instability leading to a deferral of payments from abroad.

Credit insurance offers the solution to all these issues. Such insurance consists of three important pillars:

  • Information on debtors
  • Collection of debt
  • Payment in case of bankruptcy and non-payment of your client

Benefits of credit insurance

  • The ultimate tool to optimise your credit management
  • Prevention of structural credit losses
  • Permanent monitoring of your clients’ financial situation
  • Safety net against substantial credit losses
  • Credit insurance facilitates the financing of your purchases as well as debt collection from financial institutions, but it also makes it cheaper, and results in receiving higher advances.

We can advise you on which credit insurance would be best suited to your specific situation and demands.

Why choose credit insurance through Xolv?

  • 100% independent specialist in this field
  • Partners with years of experience in executive positions at various credit insurance companies; and with an excellent network at all levels.
  • It results in the best policy conditions with regards to price, terms and conditions, and cover
  • Optimisation of the cover for your buyers
  • Client contact at senior level. Continuity and quality warranty
  • Intensive support with regards to limits management and collection and damage situations
  • Proven track record with a high degree of client satisfaction

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