Credit Management Advice

Credit Management Advice

Credit management advice: change in order to improve

If you wish to know if your credit management is still as good as it should be, we can assess it for you. We investigate matters such as efficiency and possible cost savings. But we also consider whether your policy is still in line with your company’s mission and vision, as well as the current corporate situation.

Our consultancy is aimed at optimising credit management. We ensure structural improvements with the purpose of profit maximisation.

Top 5 credit management issues:

  • Lack of structured follow-up of default clients
  • Incorrect and delayed invoicing
  • Muddled client administration
  • Inadequate complaint procedures
  • Cumbersome processing of receivables

Customised approach

Because no two companies are identical, consultancy is always about a customised approach. Fixed parts of the process are the intake, the quick scan and a 360o audit. Together this leads to a recommendation documented in a report, with personal explanatory notes.

In association with Suez Partners we provide recommendations and facilitation with regards to finance and risk management. We focus mainly on working capital, leasing, risk cover, and capital reinforcement.

Examples of situations when you can benefit from credit management consultancy:

  • Improvement of financial results is desirable
  • Organisation does not have any credit management processes or they do not function properly
  • Processes are not properly aligned
  • Depreciations are too high
  • Systems do not function properly or are insufficiently utilised
  • Lack of (credit) manager skills
  • Lack of department management
  • You wonder if you are working with the right (collection) parties
  • Due to a merger or acquisition the entire credit management must be aligned

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