Credit management

Credit management

Credit management: get more return on your working capital

Proper credit management, the right ‘tools’ and consistently implementing the procedures with the right people go hand in hand. It leads to quicker payment of your invoices, keeping your cash flow intact. Credit management is often something that is done on the side, when this process actually relies on taking a number of actions consistently. When you outsource your credit management there is never “too little time” and it even continues during leave absences. To facilitate matters even further for you, your data can be securely processed from any accounting package.

How does Xolv optimise your credit management?

  • Analysis of the debtor portfolio and the current processes/tools
  • Inventory of the demands/requirements with regards to approaching your clients
  • Structuring of the process
  • Implementation of the agreed structure
  • Implementation of the agreed credit management process
  • Periodic report of and discussion on the debtor portfolio
  • Periodic evaluation

Why choose credit management by Xolv?

Credit management means relationship management. As an add-on to your organisation we tactfully contact your clients on your behalf.

  • Client satisfaction increases when issues are identified swiftly and complaints are solved quickly. A complaint leads to non-payment of your invoices.
  • The structure and follow-up ensures continuity. Also in cases of leave absences or other priorities credit management by Xolv continuous without interruption
  • Cheaper than doing it yourself or having a member of staff do it as an additional part of the job. No payroll or workstation costs
  • Credit management is what we do and you are able to focus on your core activities 100%.
  • Efficient credit management leads to increased working capital and decreased financing expenses.

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