Leasing: optimum financing of capital goods

By leasing capital assets you keep your liquidity intact and your repayment obligations remain parallel to your cash flow. Financing is possible up to 100% with a duration that is equal to the estimated economic life.

Furthermore, combined with the right working capital financing, dependency on your bank may be decreased. This makes it a good alternative in case a relationship is out of balance.

Benefits of leasing

  • Object financing up to 100%, annuity repayment based on estimated economic life of the capital asset.
  • Your working capital remains intact
  • No unnecessarily substantial repayment obligations thanks to an acceptable duration that is linked to the earning capacity of the production tool.
  • Financing which can be provided independent from your current bank or investor
  • In most cases, a lease can be structured on- as well as off-balance, so that it does not affect solvency.

Why choose leasing through Xolv?

  • First and foremost, we are here for the benefit of our clients and we have access to national as well as international finance companies.
  • Scale in the case of operational service lease for cars and company vehicles. On an annual basis we realise multiple leasing contracts, leading to substantial procurement volume and a good negotiating position. We can almost always realise savings for you.
  • We know which structure suits your company best and we ensure the best and most competitive conditions.
  • We are independent which enables us to provide you with the best possible advice and realise a balanced spread of investors.

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