Working capital financing

Working capital financing

Factoring: maximum financing of your working capital!

To be able to act swiftly and benefit from business opportunities, you need to have access to sufficient liquid assets. Many companies are dependent on external investors to secure sufficient working capital. A financing tool such as factoring is a highly suitable alternative to traditional financing methods. Factoring allows you to fulfil your ambitions and to have further turnover growth financed effortlessly. 

Benefits of factoring

  • Increased financing > factoring companies make resources available that banks would never consider (maximum of 95% of the receivables portfolio)
  • A very popular financing method due to developments on the market
  • The money will be available to you within 24 hours after invoicing to your client
  • More flexible financing than traditional bank financing
  • Due to balance sheet reduction factoring offers an improved ratio with regards to solvency and liquidity.
  • Expertise from the factoring company with regards to potential debtors (payment terms, supply and payment conditions etc.)

Why choose factoring through Xolv?

We have years of experience and extensive expertise in this field. That is why we are able to set up this method of financing with you meticulously, and to implement and monitor it carefully.

  • 100% independent, which means there are no links to financial institutions
  • Not just a focus on interest rates, but also on securing a position that is as independent as possible without having to sacrifice on too many financial securities
  • We write the most comprehensive requests to apply for financing¬† together with the client

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